教務處  Office of Academic Affairs Download
        大一暨大二英文免修申請表  Application for waiving FENM and SENM
        在學暨成績證明申請  THU Student Status and Transcript Application
        課程抵免申請表  Application Form for Course Credit Transfer
        放棄就讀申請表  Application for Withdrawal
        學生休學申請表  Application for Suspension
        提前復學申請表  Application Form for Early Resumption

學務處  Office of Student Affairs► Download
        學生請假單  Application for Student Leave

會計室  Office of Accounting► Download
        學費緩繳申請  Late Payment Fees Appeal

政治系/ Department of Political Science

    政治系必修科目查詢學生資訊系統GO  Search for Required Courses► Student Info. SystemGO
    政治系選課須知/ Note for Course Registration171_09738da2.gif
    政治系各年級必選科目清單/ Necessary Optional Courses165_7d097604.gif103.6.9
    政治系課程加選單/ Course Adding Form of the Department 541_486ccae4.gif
    政治系跨領域學程證明書申請單/ Certificate Application Form for Interdisciplinary Program
                                            (Public Affairs and ServicesAssembly Aide Training)163_cc7b004e.gif
    政治系大學部課程架構/ Course Structure of the Department 180_adcb3417.gif
    NEW~畢業學分確認單/ Graduation credits list
        102-103政理PT570_b517aa67.gif  國關IR571_0fe5463a.gif
    NEW~學術活動參與紀錄(原學術護照)/ Academic Activity Records 575_7b613fa8.gif105級新生適用
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