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2016-04-15【Internships】National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium326
2016-04-10【Internships】Chiayi Forest District Office in the Forestry Bureau306
2016-04-10【Internships】Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts296
2016-04-10【Internships】Bureau of Water Resources in Taichung City Government334
2016-04-01【Internships】National Archives Administration of National Development Council315
2016-03-30【Internships】Environmental Protection Administration304
2016-03-30【Internships】National Science and Technology Museum308
2016-03-30【Internships】Pingtung University of Science and Technology288
2016-02-23【Internships】Foreign Ministry representative in Israel340
2016-02-23【Internships】Cultural Affairs Bureau of Kaohsiung City Government 308
2015-04-25【Internships】Forestry Bureau369
2015-04-25【Internships】National Archives Administration, National Development Council337
2015-04-25【Internships】Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts354
2015-04-09【Internships】The Printing Plant, Ministry of Finance352
2015-04-09【Internships】Forestry Bureau306
2015-03-30【Internships】National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium275
2015-03-29【Internships】393 Citizens Platform340
2015-03-29【Internships】Farglory Ocean Park in Hulien313
2015-03-29【Internships】Cultural Affairs Department of New Taipei City Government.338
2015-03-29【Internships】Ministry Of Justice382
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