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2015-10-19【Speech】Discourse on the Rise of China and Discussion of Abandon Taiwan(2015.10.28)295
2015-10-16【Speech】Politics of Sustainable Development in Germany(2015.10.22)291
2015-10-14【Lectures】Views from the Tunghai University343
2015-05-26【Speech】Constitution: From the KMT Point of View298
2015-05-25【Speech】Presenter: Tien Hung-Mao294
2015-04-29【Speech】The US Rebalance to Asia and the Importance of Seapower for China and Taiwan278
2015-04-21【Speech】The Constitution that DPP Advocates: An Analysis of Political Movement301
2015-04-14【Speech】Taiwan's Political Culture - Politics Scholar Recalled(2015.4.27)277
2015-04-14【Speech】The Economic Factors in Domestic-Oriented Conflicts310
2015-03-12【Career Forum】Introduction of Public Agencies289
2015-01-12【Speech】Holiday work and Attend school: A Case Study in Australia211
2015-01-05【Speech】Contradiction-Finance Orientation and Political Targets (2015.1.6)193
2014-12-08【Speech】2014 grassroots elections and political development of Taiwan (2014.12.17)252
2014-11-28【Forum】Campus Forum (held by Chung-Hua Institution for Economic Research)226
2014-05-05【Lecture】Executive Yuan Central Administrative Center and Tunghai University Jointly Will Hold the Seminar <2014 Central Taiwan Leadership Institute>, Welcome to Participate.276
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