History of Department
The department of Political Science is one of the earliest and most traditional department in Tunghai University. Initially, this Department belonged to the College of Arts. In 1977, owing to the need of research field and teaching, this Department was divided into the Division of Political Theory and the Division of Public Administration. In 1982, Tunghai University was admitted to set up the College of Law, then this Department moved and became a member of the College of Law. In 1993, Tunghai University renamed the College of Law as the College of Social Science. This Department, therefore, is one of the five major departments under the College of Social Science in Tunghai University. By 1985, the Division of International Relations was added to this Department, and then the original Division of Public Administration was separated out as the Department of Public Administration. In 1990, to further promote the research performance of this Department and cultivate decent research elites in politics, the Masters Program in the Department was set up and it was divided into the Division of Political Theory and the Division of International Relations. In addition, the Local Political Division in Masters Program was set up in the academic year of 2001. The doctoral program established in 2005 made our program a complete, integrated major. We are proud of our past, but are looking toward the future.
Teaching Goal
The onset of the Department is to cultivate political professionals who master in theories and practicality for our country and society. During the teaching processes, much emphasis is put on students’ preliminary knowledge and understanding of politics, and this emphasis is also embedded within students’ ability of critical thinking, which is imperative for the cultivation of an impartial attitude. Moreover, the Department also puts emphasis on interaction between teachers and students aiming at the development of political personalities of cosmopolitanism, elegance, modesty and serenity.
Prospects after Graduation
Department Contact Information

administrative staff(Undergraduate):Chang, Hsin-Ya

  • Tel: 04-23590121-36200
  • E-mail: emi@thu.edu.tw

administrative staff(graduate):Lu, Yun-Hou

  • Tel: 04-23590121-36201
  • E-mail: luyunhu@thu.edu.tw